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The story of an italian family in Transylvania.

Lechburg is not simply the story of a Winery. Lechburg is a story which tells about an italian family, a winemakers generation. This is a story about passionate people coming from Northern Italy who decided to start a great adventure culminating in the planting of vineyards in the heart of Transylvania.
This is how our interview begins throw the words of a determined woman: Michela Scrollini. Michela is also the spokesperson for Ettore and Cristiano Guarato who have been living in Lechinta, Romania, for several years, dealing with the cellar and vineyard management.
From an early age we learned the importance of land, of semplicity as guarantee for genuine life. Our parents have handed down to us values as the respect for nature and the sense of belonging to our land and to the fruits it gives us
Wine became the protagonist of this family existence and vineyards became the setting of their daily life. Transylvania is a territory all to be discovered and accompained by Michela’s words we start to penetrate this new reality.
Lechinta is a unspoilt area with a strong wine vocation. This is a beautiful and fairytale territory rich in historical traditions standing the test of time. Lechinta is a place characterized by a culture that is so far from ours but thanks to its simplicity and its authenticity we started to feel Lechinta like home.
From the beginning we chose to implement organic farming methods with the aim of preserving the natural heritage.
This great adventure was also marked by challenges and restartings. Transylvania, in fact, offers a unique terroir, with a continental climate but it is also characterized by severe winter frosts which put us to the test.
The cellar was built in 1962 and was purchased in 2015 by Ettore and Cristiano. The property is located on a hill, not far from vineyards, and surrounded by fir and chestnut trees. It is spread over 4 levels.
Each level is provided with cement tanks which ensure the necessary levels for various operations. The territory, the clays minerality, the climate and the considerable temperature range between day and night, that ensures a slow and elegant ripening process, confer high acidity, freshness, aroma and fruit on our wines. Our white, red and rosé wines have been selected from international and local, aromatic and semi-aromatic grape varieties. They ripen and refine in these cement tanks. The Slavonian oak barrels reserve intense aromas and typical notes to red wines.
Michela has always at heart the organic production values. Indeed, we ask her what is the deep meaning of a concept currently on everyone’s lips but so important for those who make it a life choice.
Organic means respecting the ground, the sorrounding evironment and the small insects life. With the organic production it is possible give life to an healthy, unique, true and pure wine. Our story, narrated through simple and elegant wines, represents a source of great satisfaction and the proof that simplicity meaning is high quality products.
Lechburg wines are a strong expression of simplicity and uniqueness, two core values of Transylvania.
We are so grateful to this land, to all this beauty, to these traditions. Our labels are designed by Nju Comunicazione team from Eboli, in particular by Mario Cavallaro. Through our labels we honor the land that hosts us: the colorful and bright local traditional clothes, dress our bottles giving them a distinctive character.
We ask Michela if she has a secret dream.
From heart to heart. From Northern Italy heart to Transylvania heart. I would like to create a bond between homeland and Transylvania, perhaps through a beautiful Metodo classico sparkling wine
Michela keeps a desire:
That the passion, the efforts, the constancy and especially the love employed in this charming and long path can obtain the proper recognition. The aim is also to spread a message: the word “chellenge” is nothing more than synonym for dream“.

Let’s give to your palate emotions and hints of a rich in history, powered by an unique terroir, simple, pure and authentic wine. Lechburg is waiting for you!
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