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Today Gourmeet&Wine tells a new story. We have extensive experience gained in the field of wine export and nowdays convey the passion for our wine, symbol and pride of our traditions, is what we care about most. Our narration aimes to overcoming the boundaries in order to bring our history, our traditions and our wine to the tables all over the world.

With the words of Cinzia Giunta, our Wine Advisor, we will briefly tell you about the beginning of everything:

“The interest, or rather my everlasting passion for wine, has always guided my personal and professional path. It has led me from individual wineries to a broader vision of Italian wine. This is how Gourmeet&Wine was born, as a meeting between the “Bel Paese”viticulture and the international market”.

Wine is sensitivity, dedication and love. It requires care, proximity, knowledge.

Passion is our engine. This our precious engine gives life to a specific vision arising from the desire to represent a reference model in the commercial intermediation of quality Italian products in the world.
All of this, with us, becomes possible thanks to a direct knowledge of the main international markets and a solid technical preparation in the evaluation of wines, both in the preparatory phase and in the insertion and management of brands and products in the different distribution and sales channels (traditional – GDO– e-commerce), defining the strategic and commercial profile, made to measure, on specific markets or, more generally, for the entire corporate export.

Why gourmeet&wine makes the difference:

Expertise and experience

We boast skills and experiences gained in large international organizations deling with italian wine intermediation.Thanks to this background, we have given rise to a wealth of information, data and significant contacts both in numerical terms and for the quality of profiled information;

Research and evaluation activities

We carry out a meticulous research and analysis activity on specific italian valuable wine areas with particular reference to niche productions, very well identified in terms of variety and type; Futhermore, we develop comparative studies for price bands and positioning;

Taste olfactory evaluation of each single product / label

We boast a method that is unique in every single olfactory taste product/label evaluation;

Selective process of technical evaluation

Our selective evaluation technical process relies on an assessment panel capable of treating entry form, analysis and score, market positioning and price range, and lastly comparison between competitor wines;

Policies and strategies defined on a single country

At Gourmeet&Wine we have the opportunity to represent more territories, brands and productions with targeted strategies and policies for every single Country. We are able to manage a portfolio of companies and products differentiated by production territories, varieties and types. This is an added value of specialization that we manage with awareness, being mindful of the factors that regulate quality wine supply and demand in the international field;

Use of CMO funds

Our activity as export manager and Wine Advisor is structured for the use of funds OCM Promotion extra EU markets, both in the planning phase and in the implementation phase and,lastly in the reporting phase;

Tailor-made planning

We guarantee projects tailored to the customer. Our projects are capable of identifying tools, actions, objectives and assessment criteria of the results achieved;

Relationships structured over time

We build relations structured over time and we bring forth a costant work of updating and developing. Ours is a database selected on professional profiles profiled for functions, roles, channels and markets;

Direct coverage of over 70 wine markets

With a direct coverage of over 70 wine markets, at Gourmeet&Wine we represent a credible interlocutor to the development and opening processes to new dimensions of online sales that the Italian quality wine is called to realize, improving the control and growth capacity even in the most competitive markets;

Network of partners specialized in the world of wine

We have a network of partners (companies and individual professionals) specialized in the world of wine and on the Horeca Channel, in PR and Communication, as well as in the organization of events and fairs, with particular reference to the digital world and social media.This is a circuit of opportunities and development which combines more professional and highly specialized business realities.In this manner we allow companies to design the inclusion of new wines, the release of a new range, or, even more challenging, to embrace the entire strategic and management export process, being able to control, from alpha to omega, the whole procedure of selection and construction market as a whole;

And so much more...


Are you a wine producer?